1. Are kids under age 5 free? Yes.
  2. Are kids under age 15 discounted $5? Yes.
  3. Do you still offer the $15 Hop-On, Hop-Off all day pass? Yes, but not for routes south of the Bay Bridge, like Oracle Ballpark (Pier 40) and Chase Center (Pier 52).
  4. How much does it cost from Hyde Street Harbor to Pier 40? $25/person
  5. How much does it cost from Hyde Street Harbor to Pier 52? $35/person
  6. Are dogs allowed? Yes.
  7. What is Mutt Mondays? Bring your dog and you both ride free, woof!
  8. Are TikToks allowed? Yes, but no dancing while the boat is moving :)
  9. Where can I park? There is a parking lot across the street from Pier 15 (Exploratorium Museum) and Pier 39.
  10. Are you near a BART station? Yes, the Embarcadero stop is a short walk to Pier 1.5, which is the next building north of the Ferry Building; and a ten minute walk to Pier 15 (Exploratorium Museum).
  11. Do you have scheduled times and locations? Yes and no. You can schedule a time and location online. You can also call and schedule a pick-up at a certain location. But we do not arrive at locations on a timetable.
  12. Do you offer tours? No. Tours have the same scheduled times every day and follow a fixed itinerary on a public boat. We do have a separate operation that does sea lion tours at Pier 39. Those tickets are purchased at a booth.
  13. Do you offer charters? Yes. Charters are flexible and customizable according to the client's preference on a private boat. San Francisco Bay offers many great private charter experiences, please contact us to discuss your ideas.
  14. Can I bring champagne, sushi & bluetooth speaker? Absolutely!

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