San Francisco's High Seas Secret

San Francisco's High Seas Secret

ABC News Reporter, Luz Pena, visits Captain Tanya on the San Francisco Water Taxi!

Below is the story from the ABC website:

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As you gear up to make 4th of July plans we have a very unique way for you to enjoy the San Francisco skyline and the fireworks.

Have you heard of San Francisco Water Taxi? ABC7 News reporter Luz Pena is showing us the hidden gem that not even locals know about.

"Off to the rough seas," said Captain Tanya with SF Water Taxi. "You can count on us being at the dock every 30 minutes. You can make reservations on our website, you can call the captain on duty and just let them know where to be picked you up."

SF's Water Taxis have been around for almost 10 years and if you've sailed in one consider yourself lucky. Not many locals know about the taxis.

"I didn't know where to find it. I knew there was a water taxi, but I didn't know anything more than that. It was just really cool to know that this thing exists and it's only $10," said Joyce Schanahan, Marin County Resident.

Luz Pena: "You guys have lived in San Francisco for how many years?"
Meg Kimura: "Forever"
Luz Pena: "This is your first water taxi?"
Meg Kimura: "First time ever. I think is great! I never heard of it."
Luz Pena: "You found the hidden gem?
Meg Kimura: "Yes, it's not in the tour books."

Captain Tanya has been picking up people at Pier 1.5 for years. The trip cost $10 or $15 for an all-day pass. She goes all the way to Pier 39, Oracle Park and Chase Center for a little extra.

"Nobody wants to travel in the holidays," said Terry Cole, a San Francisco resident.

For July 4th the SF Water Taxi company has a special trip, and of course, there's a bonus.

Luz Pena: "Captain Tanya you are not only the captain of this taxi, but also a tour guide?"
Captain Tanya: "Yes, I do talk about Alcatraz a lot. It's part of my tour."

It's nearly impossible not to make fast friends with everyone on board.

Now you know of one of San Francisco's best-kept secrets, a hidden gem by the bay.

"It is a hidden gem, but at the same time, I'm excited that folks are starting to learn about us," said Captain Tanya.

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